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A delicious mix of mindfulness, pilates, strength training and dance; that encourages you to come as you are!

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The Feminine Fire Method is one of the most important and enjoyable parts of my life - I love starting my days early on MWF with a workout with Allison. She always includes meditation, stretching, yoga, Pilates, cardio, dancing, and all kinds of information about wellness, fitness, and being good to your body! Allison is an incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring teacher/fitness instructor. She always has a great playlist (which she shares). Allison is absolutely dedicated to the good health and fitness experience of each individual. She is so kind and funny and her classes are a total joy. I love being around Allison’s beautiful, loving, authentic down-to-earth energy, and I always come away from class feeling energized and more tuned in to my body in the most positive ways! I absolutely love Allison and will continue doing The Feminine Fire Method forever!!

- Ellen

Don’t let Allison fool you. Yes she cares and yes she’s a great listener and yes she will ensure you feel taken care of at every point in your workout. But her workouts sneak up on you like a Ninja! You’re sweating and feeling it in every muscle before you even realize it. My abs are having a post-baby renaissance because of her!

- Camille

Allison is a brilliant, intuitive, and inspiring health coach!  She stands out among the crowd. She is a powerful combination of listening closely to my needs and inspiring me to go higher.  as a direct result of working with her, my confidence has blossomed, my energy is amazing, and I am excited about the next challenge!

- Kate

I just finished a fitness challenge with Allison. I have some physical conditions that require modifications in some of the exercises.  Allison was so helpful and encouraging with suggestions to help me modify what we were doing so I could participate. She gave me so many helpful tips.  I love her energy and how she was able to turn everything I was having trouble with into an "I can do this".

- Linda

I have never enjoyed working out. It always felt so difficult and my body hated it, but that’s what you have to do to be “healthy” or “fit”. Allison changes that. She makes working out yummy and feel good for your mind and body. I never thought I could do what I can now with her class! If you are ready to have a more feminine fun class and dance your booty off you need Allison’s class! You won’t ever want to go back to those other workouts!

- April

Allison is more than a trainer -- she is a joyful fitness+wellness cruise director. Allison creates authentic fitness communities that are welcoming and supportive. Her woman-centric approach takes the ego out of working out and makes it easy to feel included no matter how much energy you have to spare that day. Each class, I find myself excited to check in with my group and discover what new routine Allison has planned for us that day. She is diligent about varying the programs just enough to keep them interesting, but with consistent patterns that show you're making progress. I feel seen, heard, and welcomed at Fitness for Change. It's exactly what I needed this year to get me out of pandemic-paralysis mode and back into my active life.

- Jess

I feel so much healthier since January when I started working out with Allison.  Her class is so different from any I have ever done.  I love it!  We start out slow, tuning into our bodies and just slowing down.  Gradually, building from there to a high-energy workout.  Focusing on different areas in each class.  I never bored in this class as Allison is always introducing us to new exercise moves. Even learning to salsa.   She is always available for questions and ready to target my concerns.  My clothes are happier on my body too, as I have lost almost 10 pounds!   Thanks, Allison for letting me join your class.

- Lynn


Gently seduce your body into the best workout of your life.  Taking a more feminine approach to fitness, food, and self-care.

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We meet 8 times per month at 8 am (EST) on Tuesdays and Thursdays 

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